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KH Roberts - Eco Bamboo Ball Pen

KH Roberts was established in Singapore in the 1930s and was a pioneer in the food industry. KH Roberts is a high-quality food flavorings and food ingredients especially creators and producers. KH Roberts relies on high quality products, timely and reliable service and constant innovation in the flavor of the achievements of the KH Roberts enjoyed a reputation in the market. In the coming time, KH Roberts will continue to build and rely on a wealth of practical experience and expertise, trying to make innovation and quality to become a sign of the trust to customers.

Recently, KH Roberts ordered a kind of Eco bamboo ball pen and distributed to the customer for free in the exhibition. This Eco ball pen is made of bamboo which can be recycled. 禮品紅 carefully printed company logo on the pen holder. KH Roberts is an environmental protection company, so this Eco ball pen is very suitable for their clients when they mark something they want. Moreover, the KH Roberts hopes to expand their market further so that it can get more supports from the society and raise their market share. Most importantly, KH Roberts would continue providing high quality products to clients.
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