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Honda Motor Co.-Environmental Neck Strap

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Honda) was founded in 1948 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the registered capital is 86 billion yen. Honda has over 18 million employees in the world and has more than 130 production sites in 29 countries. Its products include motorcycles, automobiles, GM products and so on. Honda is the world's largest motorcycle manufacturers, its automobile production and scale ranked the world's top ten manufacturers of the column. Honda's basic philosophy is "respect for people" and "three Joy", and to "let the world customer satisfaction" for the purpose to carry out business in the world, continue to develop industry-leading advanced technology and provide to customers in the form of goods. Honda also devoted to build a richer cultural and motive society. It use the self-discipline not use technology in developing the humanoid robot, it is the first in the world. ASIMO, the latest model robot which apply this technology, won a high rating in the world.
After customized the long umbrella and water bottles as souvenirs, Reliance Motors Limited has recently ordered an environmental neck strap in 禮品紅 to give staff so that they can show company professional image at work. The he neck strap is eye-catching black and red, printed with Honda logo, it is outstanding when hanging in the body. Neck strap become a good corporate gift. It can increase brand awareness while strengthen staff's sense of belonging. In addition, Reliance Motors Limited also select sun block for lottery or giveaway, in order to give VIP clients at the automobile conferences and promotion activities in June. Sun block souvenirs consistent with its brand image, highlighting its car sales image.

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