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Panasonic-Advertising Pen

In today's increasingly competitive market, companies are looking for various publicity media to enhance their corporate image, expand promotion awareness and enhance their competitiveness. As a modern advertising carrier, advertising gift pen is wide application, colorful and good visual effects. Customers can choose the graphic design concepts and structural that they like of this advertising pen. And, its beautiful and durable, high quality, affordable and other advantages make it become an important form of corporate advertising. Matsushita Group's advertising pens use a silver box to package, which make the pen looks more superior quality. 
In addition, there are some sponges in the box it can well protect the pen. The pen looks so special, it is high quality, with a blue company logo. There is a small light bulb on the top, it can shine. Therefore, this ad pen is not only a pen, but also a flashlight.

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