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Bank Of Taiwan-USB Flash Drive

Bank of Taiwan was established in 1946, May 20, which is the first bank established by Taiwan government after the retrocession of Taiwan. Bank of Taiwan is a state-owned bank, with a long history, high credit and sound operation. It remains a proxy dealing treasury business for governments at all levels besides Taipei and Kaohsiung. At the same time, it is still entrusted with the operation NT release accompanying business, co military and government retirees or veterans preferential savings deposits and many other policy-related business. Bank of Taiwan is very important in Taiwan's financial system.
Bank of Taiwan specially select aUSB whose color similar to its logo in 禮品紅, printing its company logo on the packaging box obviously, making the brand more easily understood and well-known in customers. Moreover, taking flash drive as a gift seems more generous and meet the trend of scientific work.

電話: +852 3111 6427

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